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Rockingham Equity, PMA offers three main services: 

First, a preliminary check-

The preliminary check, includes a Securitization Verification and Professional Opinion of your mortgage loan. We will perform the preliminary research to determine if your loan has any indication of purportedly fraudulent acts and has been securitized into a Wall Street type Trust Fund.   We check 24+ data bases to find the potential mortgage issues.  If your mortgage loan is identified as securitized - the allegation(s) of the misdeeds by the lender is significant.  The fee for this report is $345.00.  Your preliminary report will be provided to you in 2-3 business days from when we receive the needed documentation to perform this service.  This information can be critical when to decide the best approach for you to proceed forward.

Second, a Full Home Loan Securitization Audit Report & County Records Report - This is not a Forensic audit.  This report is much more advanced and uses data bases that cost thousands of dollars per month to access. We will use, find and reveal the verifiable evidence of the findings to reveal the lender’s purported offenses being used to steal your home.

We are not aware of any other firm that offers such sophisticated court ready audits.

We prepare the most advanced audits including evidence of the alleged wrongdoings a bank has committed against the home owner. 

Attorneys order audits from our firm for just this reason.

When applicable, our audits include Bloomberg and/or ABSNet research data.

Our Home Loan Securitization Audit Report & County Records Report includes but is not limited to:  

a. If the loan was securitized

b. Finds what Trust the loan was placed in and if available, the status of that Trust

c. The language of the Trust allowances

d. Is MERS involved and if so, in what role

e. A detailed County Records analysis to include fatal errors, robo-signing, back dating, etc. 

Any type of potentially fraudulent activities on the Assignments, Substitutions, Appointments, Notices of Default, Notices of Trustee Sale, etc. are analyzed and reported on.

f. The foreclosure laws for that state, and any relevant case law that we can find for that state.

This information can be critical when working out the best plan to aid the borrower in resolving conflict with the current servicer.  

These are just some of the findings we report when you have our researchers, trained and licensed to use our Financial Research Platforms, conduct an advanced audit for you.

The fee is $1145.00 for the audit.  This includes a notarized Affidavit from the auditor and if needed by the court, telephonic testimony of the auditor as an Expert Witness in case the judge has any questions.

These are the documents we need to conduct the audit:
1. Deed of Trust/Mortgage 

2. Note

3. All Recorded County Documents associated with the Deed/Mortgage to include all Notices of Default/Foreclosures

4. Most Current Mortgage Statement possible to name the Servicing entity of the loan

5. Name, Complete Property Address & Social Security # of the primary borrower

Third, Rockingham Equity, PMA has developed relationships to aid you further, by referring you to other quality firms to help you go forward successfully in pursuit of your lender.