ALERT:  Please be aware President Biden has only stopped Foreclosures on “Government backed mortgages” and only until “the end of June 2021”

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3. Be very aware the banks are using “Forbearance” to make it easier to foreclose on your home later.
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“Court orders Wells Fargo to pay just shy of $3 million to a single homeowner, in addition to awarding them their home – free and clear!”  A whistle blower inside Wells Fargo sent in the 151 page internal manual Wells Fargo uses to train their staff on how to generate fraudulent foreclosure documents.  SHOCKING! 

For years home owners have been preyed upon by the banks and corporations.  Until recently, they have suffered very few consequences while the home owners suffered greatly.

Now, home owners have more resources and solutions available to avoid losing their home to those same banks and corporations that have ripped off millions of Americans. The answer is Rockingham Equity, PMA to help you stop and avoid foreclosure.

We work in two key areas to help homeowners.  First, we help stop a foreclosure and save the home.  Second we help sue the bank and recover monetary fines based upon the Dodd Frank Act (a federal law).  

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We understand the stress and anxiety that a foreclosure process causes.  It is only made worse due to the fact that mortgage companies profit far more when they foreclosure on a property.  This is why mortgage companies are unwilling to provide any assistance.

The bank modification program is a fraudulent process but the courts are finally realizing this fact. This has led to banks being fined by the federal government - $96 Billion and those fines are growing every month.

If you are in foreclosure and are unsure of the next steps to take, you are not alone.  There are over 800,000 homeowners – families facing foreclosure and more are added each month according to RealtyTrac.

•    If you have received a foreclosure notice – we can help.
•    If you have received an auction date for your home – we can help.
•    If your home was auctioned off at a foreclosure sale – we can help.
•    If you have received an eviction notice, after losing your home to a foreclosure auction – we can       help.

We would love to help!  It is what we do, everyday of the week – everyday of the year.

In fact, our 82% success rate has let us help more families save their homes from foreclosure than any other organization in the entire United States of America, that we are aware of.

That means that we have encountered every obstacle and overcome it!  We have found every loophole, and know how to best exploit it.  We have spent more time with families who were in the same situation that you possibly are, and have saved their home just like we can do for you.

How do we do what we do?  

The only way to save your home is to take control of your situation.  Go along with what the Bank wants you to do and in most cases you will lose your home.  In 82% of all mortgages we audit we find bank fraud.  (We perform a Securitization audit NOT a Forensic audit) To do this takes experts with years of training and access to data bases that cost thousands of dollars a month to connect to. When fraud is found then you are in the position of taking control, not the bank.  Simply stated:  Find the fraud then sue the bank.

Please take advantage of our no risk, no obligation, free consultation with one of our qualified specialists.  We want to help save your home.  We are here for you 7 days a week at 800-984-0993.

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